Editing, rewriting

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Fast ForWord proofreads and edits your books, docu­­ments, brochures, web pages, letters and emails, in English and in French. Our col­la­bo­ra­tors have a vast experience in publishing, print and on the web. Fast ForWord provides a com­pre­hen­sive analytical serv­ice that involves:

    • correcting spelling and grammatical errors (anacoluthons, sequence of tenses, etc.)
    • using coherent typographic conventions (inverted commas, single quotes, French quotation marks, accented upper case letters, etc.)
    • ensuring stylistic and wording uniformity throughout the document (e.g., « colour » vs. « color »).
    • being alert for discrepancies within the text.

We also provide rewriting, stylistic harmonis­ing (when the document involves more than one author) and copy reformatting (for print, publishing, online articles…) solutions.

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