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  • Fast ForWord was created in 2013 to meet the growing demand for very high quality professional translations, in an industry where a bad translation can damage your company’s image and products.

    This is why Fast ForWord is committed to delivering scrupulously accurate translation and proofreading services, carried out by specialists of your industry.

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  • Cinema

    American English-to-French translation of Karina Longworth’s Anatomy of an Actor: Meryl Streep and Glenn Kenny’s Anatomy of an Actor: Robert de Niro for Phaidon.

    English-to-French translation of scenarios, press releases and synopses for film production or distribution companies Dissidenz, Hatari, Pathé, Unlimited, and Warner Bros.

    British English-to-French translation of Roger Moore’s autobiography, My Name Is My Bond (Les Éditions de l’Archipel), and stylistic coordination of Christian Jauberty, Vincent Le Leurch and Bamiyan Shiff’s translation.

    Editorial and technical coordination of Amy Nicholson’s Anatomy of an Actor: Tom Cruise for Les Cahiers du cinéma/Phaidon.

    Computer security

    French-to-British English translation of PowerPoint slides on penetration testing, structural and technical audits, and company personnel résumés.


    French-to-British English translation of interviews, choreographer’s statement, and press releases for contemporary dance company L’A/Rachid Ouramdane.

    French-to-British English translation of Relais Culture Europe’s oral presentation for the New Avenues for the Dissemination of the Performing Arts in Europe symposium.

    Current affairs

    American English-to-French translation of articles and blogs for the French edition of The Huffington Post. See, for instance, UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s op-ed on the war in Syria, or a post by Amanda Chan, 7 Reasons Why It’s Good To Speak Another Language.


    slider-2005-film-francaisCompiling and French-to-British/American English translation of an international press review for Le Film français.

    slider-2010-cannes-market-newsEnglish-language editing of daily film trade magazine Cannes Market News.

    French-to-British English translation of informercials on anti-aging products and care for the quarterly Anti-âge magazine.


    Proofreading (in French) of promotional material for Elephant Memory Drink and its website.


    Proofreading (in French) of Frédérique Agnès and Isabelle Lefort’s 100 Ans de combats pour la liberté des femmes for Flammarion.

    Proofreading (in English) of Chip Madinger and Mark Easter’s Eight Arms to Hold You: The Solo Beatles Compendium for 44.1 Productions.

    Real estate

    slider-2009-proprietesFrench-to-British English translations of articles and interviews pertaining to luxury classified ads (castles, manors, designer houses, cottages, Provencal farmhouses…) for bi-monthly magazine Propriétés de France.

    French-to-British English translations of articles and interviews pertaining to luxury classified ads (summer or winter holiday homes, outstanding villas…) for monthly magazine Belles demeures and its website.


    French-to-British English translation of the tender offer file submitted by the Mediterranean Institute for Biodiversity (IMBE) for Europe’s GREAT-Med project, per the latter’s goal of « objectiviz[ing] the stakes in the protection of the specific biodiversity in old-growth Mediterranean forests environments and their continuity ».



    ref-2009-mosseFrench-to-British English translation of the development plan for the Degaby island (ex-Fort de Tourville), near Marseilles, submitted by the architects’ office Atelier Mossé-Gimmig.

    ref-2010-onomoFrench-to-British English translation of booklets, brochures, emergency instructions, news reports and newsletter for Onomo International’s hotel resorts.

    French-to-British English translation of promotional brochures for ski resort holidays.