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  • « Fast ForWord is the translation service we’d spent months looking for: responsive, tailor-made, and, above all, dependable! »

    Paul AckermannChief Editor, Huffington Post (France)

Building on a com­bi­na­tion of skills (trans­la­tion, proof­read­ing, edi­to­ri­al co­or­­di­­na­­tion) and fif­teen years’ ex­­pe­ri­ence, our col­lab­o­rat­ors pro­vide a range of qual­i­ty, fast, cus­tom-made serv­ices, in Eng­lish, German, French, Spanish, Italian, and Por­tu­guese.

Fast ForWord relies on the ex­per­tise of spe­cia­l­i­zed trans­la­tors in order to handle eve­ry tech­ni­cal and sty­lis­tic con­straint per­tain­ing to the pub­lish­ing or edit­ing of your books, doc­u­ments, bro­chures, web pages, let­ters and emails (gram­mar and spel­ling, re­writ­ing, ap­pro­pri­ate typo­graph­ic con­ven­tions, etc.).

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